Classes We Offer

OKPAWS is offers a number of classes in spring, fall and winter sessions. These classes will run 6 consecutive weeks, weather permitting, and are held outdoors at the Canine Sports Academy agility field. Click here for the address and location.



  • Advanced agility level:

    Confidence and Distance. 6 weeks. $100. Limit 6 dogs. Age 1 year and older.

    Description: for experienced agility teams, who want to practice handling challenges and increase their dog’s confidence for distance handling.

  • Intermediate agility level:

    Handling Basics. 6 weeks. $100. Limit 6 dogs. Age 1 year and older.

    Description: learning front, rear, and blind crosses, turns, wraps, discriminations, backside jumps, serpentines and threadles. The dogs should already have mastered the basic obstacles.

  • Beginner agility level:

    Obstacle Mastery. 6 weeks. $100. Limit 6 dogs. Age 1 year and older.

    Description: Mastering all the standard agility obstacles: contacts, tunnels, jumps, and weave poles. The dogs should have basic obedience for this class.

  • Dog sports foundation:

    Team FUNdamentals: 6 weeks. $100. Limit 8 dogs. Ages 6 months and older.

    Description: Games based class to develop calmness, focus, optimism, and fitness basics. The dogs will be introduced to some of the flat agility surfaces, and shaping for weave pole work. This class is ideal for dogs too young for jump training, older dogs that have never done any team sport work, newly adopted dogs, or just to build a stronger relationship with a family pet. No prerequisites.

If you are interested in signing up for any of these classes, please contact Jeanette by email at for a class application. In addition to the above classes, OKPAWs will offer, periodic workshops and seminars. For class schedules and upcoming events please follow us on our Facebook page.

Disc Dog

Norman and Okc - Email for this week's practice location
Weekend afternoons
No fee to members.
Visit Tornado Alley Disc Dogs’ website for updated class information.




Sunday 8:00 am 
First practice is free, then $10 for each practice or $25 for the month.

The teams have practices almost every weekend to train dogs in flyball.  No experience is required!  Practice is normally indoors, currently in Edmond. Always check our calendars to see where and when we will be practicing.  We have a Facebook Group called Full Speed Ahead Flyball and more information is available on our website