OKPaws K9 Sports Club Policies and Procedures  



  • All dogs participating in an OKPAWS K9 Sports Club (hereinafter known as the club) demo must be a club member, or if non-member, trained in the specific canine sports for that demonstration.


  • All equipment must be returned to the agility field in an organized manner and contact equipment setup weather permitting.



  • Duration – 6 week - $50 members - $70 non members.

  • Walk-In Fee will be $10 per class. The entire class fee must be paid if more than 4 classes are attended. (date of change)

  • Minors must have a parent or guardian present during the entire class. 

  • If a student wishes to join in conjunction with taking the class, there is a $10 discount off the regular Membership Dues for the first year.  Regular Membership dues will apply every year thereafter.



Puppies are welcome at the OK Paws training site.  Puppies should be evaluated by the Head Agility Trainer or an instructor appointed by the Head Agility Trainer.  Puppies must be 12 weeks old before beginning puppy class. The following criteria must be met:

  • Puppy must have had current shots and verification must be provided.

  • Puppy can be evaluated at the request of owner, but should be at least 12 weeks old.

  • Puppies must be evaluated by the Head Agility Trainer or instructor appointed by the Head Agility Trainer at different height increments every month or so until a year old. 

  • Jump height should remain ZERO until the Head Agility Trainer determines otherwise.


REMEMBER!!  These rules are for the safety and well-being of your dog



  • SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS - The chairperson of any club sponsored seminar will not be charged to participate in the event for one dog.

  • TRIALS AND COMPETITIONS - Any trial chairperson, secretary or head ring steward of a trial will be GIVEN A WEEKEND PACKAGE ENTRY FOR ONE DOG (one run per trial/per dog) to be used within two years of the trial.



  • In an effort to promote more advanced and continuing training for club members and the community, the Head Agility Trainer has the option of teaching numerous classes as he/she sees fit or has the desire to do so.

  • As this could require an inordinate amount of time, the Head Agility Trainer will receive compensation for these classes of 80% of the class fees with the remaining 20% going to the club.  This arrangement will be afforded ONLY to the TD and no other club members.  All current procedures for the teaching of club classes will be adhered to for these classes.

    1. A club application and waiver must be filled out by each student. Blank class applications should be kept in a folder at the field

    2. A current shot record attached, if not on file

    3. Checks made payable to the club,

    4. The equipment must be stored properly when the class is over, and any clean up of “doggie accidents” must be taken care of.

  • Class schedules must be posted in advance.

·      The Head Agility Trainer must fulfill his/her obligation of his/her Head Agility Trainer position by teaching two classes a year for the club with no compensation.  Additionally he/she must organize a free four week Introduction to Agility class for dogs adopted at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter taught every spring and fall, and fulfilling the other duties of Head Agility Trainer as outlined in the constitution and bylaws.


Minors attending any Club event must have a parent or guardian present during the entire event.


Black’s Law Dictionary:   AGGRESSOR – One who first employs force.  The part who first offers violence or offence.  He who begins a quarrel or dispute, either by threatening or striking another.

Webster’s Dictionary:     AGGRESSION – (1) forceful action or procedure (an unprovoked attack) especially when intended to dominate or master.  (2) The practice of making attacks or encroachments, unprovoked,  (3) hostile, injurious, or destructive behavior or outlook especially when caused by frustration.


AGGRESSIVE DOG Definition – A dog that exhibits unfriendly or hostile reaction to either other dogs or people when no provocation is present.


Webster’s definition:      REACTIVE – (1) tending to be responsive or to react to stimulus (2) characterized by reaction (3) occurring as a result of stress.

A reactive dog does not fall under the aggressive dog policy.


1.     Must state on application if dog reacts negatively towards either people or other dogs.

2.    Must state if dog is on public record as having bitten.

3.    If a dog is aggressive and the application is falsified, the person(s) falsifying the record will be immediately expelled from the club, OKPAWS.



1.     Aggressive Dogs will at all times be either:

a.     Constantly supervised or

b.     In a crate.

2.    If a dog develops an aggressive attitude, the board should be made aware, and the above rules followed.

3.    The Board of Directors may discuss specific dogs/problems to take appropriate action.

·      DEMOS: No people-aggressive dogs will be allowed to participate in any demos given by the Club.


·      CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Failure to follow any of the adopted rules for aggressive dogs will be cause for charges being brought and procedures followed. 


  • Anyone having an outstanding debt to the club; they, their spouse and minor children shall be banned from participation in any and all OKPAWS activities (vendor booths, exhibiting, workshops, seminars, etc.) until such debt is released by the treasurer.

  • They will also be held liable for all cost incurred by the club because of the indebtedness.

  • Any insufficient fund check for entries for a trial or seminar will be sent back with their entries.  . They will be notified by phone or email.


  • All handlers/owners are to be responsible for their dogs actions.

  • If your dog marks the equipment, please spray the equipment down with Vinegar & water.

  • Please pick up all treats so other dogs aren't tempted.

  • Have your dog relieve itself outside the practice or fenced field area.  You are responsible for picking up after your dog.  This will decrease the number of accidents if you take your dog there BEFORE you run the course.  If an accident happens on the course, you are responsible for picking it up.

  • All dogs must be on leash and under control when off the course at all times.  Dogs must be in crates or on leash at all times except while running the course.  Dogs CAN NOT BE tied out at anytime outside of the practice field.

  • This is not mandatory, but highly recommended that any dogs that are people or dog reactive have a YELLOW ribbon tied onto their leash. If you know your dog is going to react to a certain stimulus (example: overly friendly, actually rude dogs ) take this step to inform others of the dogs comfort zone. The Yellow Ribbon will alert others to ask first before they approach too closely. Please insure your visitors are made aware of this policy. Webster’s definition of reactive: readily responsive to a stimulus.

  • No bitches in season.



·      If your dog is not friendly around other dogs or people please keep your dog crated away from main areas of travel & traffic.

·      If a piece of equipment gets broken please notify the Board of Directors.

·      Only dogs that have prior agility training, or are currently in a training class, or have been accepted into the club are allowed to use the equipment unsupervised. A qualified agility handler must supervise all other dogs.

·      OKPAWS equipment is for the sole use of its members.  If you see someone on course THAT IS not authorized, notify any officer immediately.

·      No children allowed on course or equipment at any time. (EXCEPTION: members who are Junior Handlers and are training a dog).

·      Do not allow your dog to urinate on the equipment.



As a safety issue, any member who has not been properly trained on the equipment is not allowed to use the agility equipment.

 Only flat buckled collars will be used in the field. No choke or pinch, they can get caught on the equipment. This is a safety factor for your dog.



  • Never leave a dog in the field unsupervised, or tied to the fence.

  • When leaving the field, ensure that

    1. The buildings are locked

    2. No one is left in the field

    3. The gate is locked snugly, so that it cannot be entered without removing the lock

  • The field trashcan must be emptied on a regular basis. The dumpster is on the South side of the main building. Please close the dumpster lid completely.


  • Do not block access to the field parking.

  • Restrooms are available inside the ARC during regular business hours.

Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm and Sat: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • ARC Cafeteria is available for use, but do not leave any food or supplies behind.

  • Training Rooms are available for members to use without a reservation, if another group has not already reserved them. To reserve a room, contact the Board of Directors.



  • Membership: At least 1 person on each team must be a member of OKPAWS

  • At least 1 OKPAWS member must be present at any official event, demo, or competition.

  • Insurance Fee: sports team must contribute an annual fee to cover part of the club’s insurance cost. $30 per year, or 10% of any profit, whichever is greater, but not to exceed $100. It shall be payable by the 1st of April each year. This amount shall be based on net income and is not to exceed 1/3 of the total cost of the club’s insurance.

  • Financial Report: If a sports team has a separate checking account, from the OKPAWS account, it must have the same Tax ID number associated with it as the club, and a financial report must be submitted to the club 30 days after the end of each quarter. 

  • OKPAWS Logo: The club name or logo must be on any official printed or emailed material. The logo does not have to be prominent, but must state somewhere on flyers, programs, etc that the team is part of, or under Okpaws k9 sports club. T-shirts and banners are exempt.

  • Events: Sports teams must alert OKPAWS Board of Directors of any official events, demos, competition, that the team is taking part in. 

Failure to adhere to the policies will result in suspension/expulsion.